St. Louis – Today the Supreme Court released a split decision on the controversial Arizona immigration law that allowed state law enforcement to crack down on illegal immigration.  Todd Akin released the following statement on the Court’s decision:

“The Court’s ruling on the Arizona Law today provided us with mixed signals on immigration policy and on the federal government’s unwillingness to uphold their own laws.  Despite dissenting opinions by some of our Constitutional justices, the court struck down three seemingly good provisions of the Arizona law.  The fourth provision, surprisingly the most controversial of the group, was unanimously upheld.

“I believe that this is, in part, a victory for the conservative movement.  It considerably frees Arizona police to perform more immigration checks and report them, although there are many more tough actions that need to be taken.  Arizona has decided to crack down on illegal immigration since Obama and his federal agencies are absolutely ignoring their responsibility.

“Now the real battle begins, not because of the Court’s decision, but because the Obama administration today released a directive to all federal authorities instructing them to decline and ignore most calls from Arizona police reporting illegal immigration activity.  Earlier this morning in a telephone briefing, Obama’s Homeland Security Department made clear that they would be ignoring reports of illegal activity and would not be stepping up a presence in the state.

“It is clear that the Obama administration is willing to abdicate one of their few, true Constitutional roles in order to play politics and obtain votes.  This refusal to uphold federal law is unacceptable for the chief executive of our land and should be called out for what it is – shameless political pandering to save his failed Presidency.”