It has become obvious that Ron Paul will not make much of an impact at the Republican’s national convention. Some are asking “what is Ron Paul’s end game?” According to Ed Morrissey who writes for Hot Air:

 The aim for Paul isn’t the convention, which is a mainly meaningless but entertaining exercise in American politics. The real goal was to seize control of party apparatuses in states that rely on caucuses. With that in hand, Paul’s organization can direct party funds and operations to recruit and support candidates that follow Paul’s platform, and in that way exert some influence on the national Republican Party as well, potentially for years to come.

However, if followers of Ron Paul and Tea Partiers do not continue to spread the word about small government and the value of following the Constitution, will funds continue to flow into Party coffers? Having control of the Party is useless if you do not have a big voice in education, media and the ear of the clergy.

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