From STLToday:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney won a majority of Missouri’s  delegates Saturday, finally concluding the state’s complicated four-month  selection process just days after he clinched his party’s nomination to  challenge Democratic President Barack Obama.

Republicans who gathered at their state convention in Springfield approved a  slate of delegates to the Republican National Convention in late August that  includes 19 people bound to support Romney, the former Massachusetts governor,  and six pledged to support former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who already  has ended his presidential campaign.

When combined with the results of Missouri’s eight congressional district  conventions in April, Romney now has received a total of 31 delegates from  Missouri, compared with 13 for Santorum, four for Texas Congressman Ron Paul and  one for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Ron Paul supporters may not be on-board with Romney yet. According to STLToday:

John Dilsaver, 54, watched the state convention as a Paul supporter. He voted  for Obama in 2008, but has since soured on the president because of ongoing  military conflicts and deficit spending, among other things. Yet Dilsaver is not  sure whether he will support Romney in the November election.

“I’m more comfortable with Romney than Obama, but I haven’t heard Romney  speak definitively enough on foreign policy in a way I can agree with,” said  Dilsaver, a high school math teacher from Christian County. “These adventurous  foreign wars are going to bankrupt us.”

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