St. Louis County (KSDK) – It looks like the St. Louis County Parks had $129,000 in two bank accounts it knew nothing about.

That’s just one finding of a critical audit of the department released Tuesday.

The report also says that while the county was laying off 20 parks department employees it spent over half a million dollars on new vehicles.

The County Council requested the audit after County Executive Charlie Dooley ordered the lay-offs because of what he said was a budget shortfall.

“Are you confident the books look good?) I’m going to say this again, sir. We are the only county in this state that’s a ‘triple A’ county. Are you telling me we don’t understand our budget process that we look at on a weekly basis? Anything other than that, sir, is simply is not true,” said Charlie Dooley.

The County Council President says the findings in this audit will hopefully help the county prevent any layoffs in the parks department this year.

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