The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (not the most conservative group of people) have come out swinging against Obamacare. At issue is the “contraception mandate” which forces employers to pay for employees birth control. After pushback by the Bishops, the Obama Administration offered an “accommodation.” According to the bishops: “The accommodation was a dishonest effort. It merely was a rearranging of some words.” The Bishops went on to say:

“The Constitution is not for Democrats or Republicans or Independents. It is for all of us, and a great nonpartisan effort should be led by our elected representatives to ensure that it remains so.”

In an election year, this is a very bad situation for the Obama administration. In 2008 Catholics were a big reason for Obama’s success. His political beliefs paralleled many Catholics belief in Social Justice. However, this turn of events has opened many eyes and turned a ali against him.

The Catholic Bishops have a long list of issues with President Obama. Click here for an article form the Washington Times.