The 1st Congressional District Convention ended with a “Unity” slate. The convention convened at 10:00am and finished business around 1:30pm with most of the time taken up with filling vacant delegate slots. Dan O’Sullivan acted as Temporary Chair and James  Knowles III was elected Chairman. Becky Buwalda was elected Secretary.

The first order of business was the election of one Elector which was won by David Stokes. Finally a “Unity” slate was proposed containing one Romney one Santorum and one Paul delegate with respective Alternates and was passed. After a few other items, business was concluded.

Congratulations to David Stokes for becoming our Elector and to James Knowles for his election as chairman. A special thanks to Dan O’Sullivan for all his hard work to pull things together at the last-minute and to Sharon Barnes initial preparation. Dan also did a great job as temporary Chairman by guiding the meeting through some rough spots. Knowles brought it to a great finish. Also thanks to those volunteers who arrived early and stayed late to make sure everything went smoothly.

Be sure to post your thanks to those who worked hard on this event and if you have a post on another convention I will publish it here if you send it to Ted Engler at the e-mail listed on the Township page of the St. Louis Central Committee we site ——->