With the recent caucuses and upcoming Republican conventions, there has been a lot of talk about the various county central committees and the Establishment Republicans who run them. So who are these guys?

As mentioned in the “About St. Louis County GOP” section of this blog, the county central committees are made up of one elected Committeeman and one elected Committeewoman for each township. These are unpaid positions and therefore these people are volunteers. These volunteers organize their townships, hold regular township meetings and meet once a month with the other committee people in their counties as a “Central Committee.” The Central Committee elects a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and other sub committees. All of these people are still volunteers.

The township committeemen and women find candidates for various elected positions and help them run for that office. However, this group mainly work directly for the candidates in elections years. They will man phone banks, canvas door to door and put up signs. Many work the polls on election day. Every four years they will run the caucuses. They will find and pay for the meeting rooms, run ads and spend hours planning for the event. In past years they simply attached delegates to the winner of the presidential primary. This year is a more difficult task of selecting specific delegates for various candidates. The end goal is getting delegates that best represent Missouri to the National Republican Convention and to secure electors that will support the Republican candidate that wins the national election.

Remember your elected committeewoman or man represents you to the state party. Let them know how you feel, they are not the establishment, they are your grass-roots, they are your neighbors. Click here for information on the St. Louis County Central Committee.