This Week’s Meeting

Join us Friday, March 23 for our regular lunch meeting. Our speaker this week will be scholar Wendell Cox.  Mr. Cox has recently published a study for the Show-Me Institute on housing prices and land use regulations.  We look forward to having him join us this week.

Meeting Information Trattoria Branica Restaurant in Le Chateau Village
10411 Clayton Road, just west of Lindbergh
Frontenac, MissouriThis week you will find us in the larger room at the restaurant.Noon Lunch, 12:30 Meeting(Meetings on the Fifth Friday of a month are different, so please be aware of those changes.)

$18 per person for lunch, $2 to just attend the meeting

March Speaker  Information:

March 2  Senator Bill Stouffer  – candidate for Secretary of State

March 9  Stephen C Banton, attorney at law – speaking about Proposition S

March 16  Tom Wilsdon – Pachyderm board member Tom Wilsdon will be going over the rules and     procedures for the Republican caucuses on March 17

March     23  Wendell Cox – scholar who has recently published a study for     the Show-Me Institute on housing prices and land use regulations

March 30  Ann Wagner – candidate for US Congress (2nd district). For more information on Ann Wagner, visit her website.  This event will be our 5th Friday evening event.  Look for more information to come regarding pricing.

2012 Officers: 

 President:  Ruth Ahlemeier

Vice President, Programs:  Charles McCloskey

Vice President, Membership:  Stacy Washington

Secretary:  David Bertelsen

Treasurer:  Glenn Ditto

2012 Board of Directors: 

Bruce Buwalda

David Stokes

Herman Kriegshauser

Jim Gwinner

Jeannine Stuart

 Linda M Ragsdale

Tom Wilsdon

Members elected to
St Louis County Central Committee     


Bruce Buwalda – Airport

Alan Wheeler – Bonhomme

David Stokes – Clayton

Richard Magee – Jefferson

Tom Wilsdon – Maryland Heights

Jim Gwinner – Queeny

Glenn Ditto – Spanish Lake


Edna Ditto – Spanish Lake

Ruth Ahlemeier,     PresidentSt Louis County Pachyderm     ClubPO Box 411052Saint Louis, MO

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