From Ed Martin:

(Missouri) – February 23, 2012 – In the same week that Attorney General Chris Koster announced a settlement with banks over foreclosures and diverted settlement money away from victims and into state government spending, Koster proposed using other settlement money from consumer fraud cases to renovate his office. Thankfully, Koster’s request to divert money from victims to his own office renovations has been met by skepticism from members of Missouri’s General Assembly.

“Chris Koster has learned from his pal, Barack Obama, that the use of government money to assist cronies is the way to increase political power but even Obama must wonder at Koster’s audacious scheme to funnel $3.2 million of what should be victims’ funds to re-do the curtains in his office,” said Ed Martin, candidate for Attorney General. “Koster’s arrogance must be confronted and he should be told by the General Assembly as well as all Missourians: stop using victims’ funds for anything other than assisting victims.”

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