From Fox:

The Republican presidential candidates will have one  last chance on the national stage Thursday night to make their case to voters  before the frantic season of caucuses and primaries gets underway. At the Fox  News debate in Sioux City, Iowa, everybody but front-runner Newt  Gingrich is looking to shake up the race in a big way.

In a primary campaign replete with gaffes and other  “oops” moments, the candidates are under pressure to give a steady performance  — they don’t want another public misstep hanging in the cold Iowa air for the  three remaining weeks before the caucuses. For the middle-of-the-pack  candidates, the debate is a chance to demonstrate why caucus-goers should give  them a second look. For Gingrich and Mitt  Romney, it’s a chance to lock down notoriously fickle and straying  support.

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