Many people do not realize Republicans won a huge advantage in the 2010 elections. The huge sweep of Republicans victories allowed them to control the redistricting process and set up districts more favorable to them. While sluggish population growth caused Missouri to lose a Congressional District, the loss went to Democrat, Russ Carnahan. This scenario is playing out across the country. However, sore loser Democrats are fighting back and filing legal challenges to the process but judges are not going along with the complaints. According to the St. Louis Beacon:

After listening to almost two hours of debate over Missouri’s redrawn congressional districts, Cole County Circuit Judge Daniel Richard Green observed, “I certainly think the (critics) have a political quarrel with these maps.”

But Green also made clear that he didn’t think they had a constitutional beef — signaling that he will likely side with the new districts’ supporters.

The judge asked the lawyers supporting the new map — led by Jim Layton, a lawyer with the Missouri attorney general’s office — to draw up a suggested order for dismissing the opponents’ suits that seek to have the district maps’ redrawn.

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