This Week’s MeetingLongtime Pachyderm and former
club president Sandy MacLean will be discussing his travels around the
world at our meeting this week. Sandy will discuss his travels throughout
China, Southeast Asia, and the most remote place in North America, the UP.
Sandy is a terrific speaker, and I think all of our members will enjoy and
learn from this presentation.
Special Election ResultsRepublicans
won a key special election for state rep in St. Charles, but lost a
three-way race in near-north St. Louis County. Pat Brennan ran a hard
fought race and deserves our thanks for his effort.
Last WeekState Representative Gary
Fuhr discussed his first year in the state legislature and his long career
with the FBI in St. Louis.
Charles McCloskey,
President (314) 550-8830David Stokes, Vice-President (314) 276-6305St Louis County Pachyderm ClubPO Box 411052

Saint Louis, MO 63141

Meeting Information  Trattoria Branica Restaurant in Le  Chateau VillageNoon Lunch,
12:30 Meeting(Meetings on the Fifth Friday of a month are different, so please be aware of those  changes.)

10411 Clayton  Road, just west of Lindbergh

Frontenac, Missouri

$18 per person for lunch, $2 to just attend the  meeting