From STLToday:

Occupy St. Louis protestors are vowing to stay at Kiener Plaza through  the night, as the city holds to its promise to begin enforcing the  park curfew at 10 p.m.

While the city has not expressly said that it will forcibly remove the  protestors if they do not leave, many of those who are camping out at Kiener  Plaza have begun to prepare for that possibility.

Meanwhile, three attorneys representing Occupy St. Louis protestors  are heading to federal court seeking an emergency, temporary restraining  order against the city that would allow the movement to continue at Kiener Plaza  through the weekend, until a hearing can be held next week.

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Mayor Slay did not hold to his promise that he would remove anyone from Kiener Plaza who was in violation of St. Louis City laws. As his deadline of 3:00 P.M. passed, it was business as usual in the city square. Although the violations are piled high (no permit, no insurance, curfew, using city utilities to name a few) very little has been done.

Let there be no mistake, while the trespassers claim to pe peaceful, threats of violence are made or implied on a regular basis. If removed by force it is understood there will be violence or some sort of mayhem. Now some attorneys claim that they will get an injunction against the City of St. Louis to stop them from enforcing their laws.

What we have here is a bunch of spoiled children threatening mayhem if they do not get their way. Now it looks like we have some layers and perhaps some judges who refuse to act like adults.