County Executive, Charlie Dooley, has been attempting to make up for lost property tax revenue by increasing taxes. In a slick move, county governments have been draining property owner’s pocket books through revenues coming from increased property values. When the property values were found to be phony, county governments have refused to reduce spending and insist on increasing taxes. According to, this is causing a rift in the Democrat Party:

Party politics, with its foundation of lockstep voting, private disagreements  and routine political hires, is cracking in St. Louis County.

The latest fracture followed County Executive Charlie A. Dooley’s  presentation Monday to the County Council of his proposed 2012 budget.

For many years, Democratic County Councils have routinely approved budgets  presented by Democratic county executives. Before that, it was the Republicans  who were in sync.

But with a call for closing almost half of the county’s 50 active parks, 175  job cuts and reduced snow plowing, this was no typical budget proposal.

And since Steve Stenger was sworn in as the Democratic councilman from Affton  in 2009, this has been no typical County Council.

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