Today, Republican Shane Schoeller, of the 139th District in Southwestern Missouri announced his candidacy for Missouri Secretary of State. In


an e-mail announcement he stated:

Today, with family, friends, neighbors and supporters at my side, I announced my candidacy for Missouri Secretary of State. I made this decision after months of thoughtful prayer, discussions with my family, and candid conversations with Missourians.

Over the past ten years, nearly every major issue facing our state has been impacted by the Secretary of State, including, human cloning, proposed tax increases, gay marriage, renewable energy mandates and burdensome regulations on Missouri’s agriculture industry.

But unfortunately, for too long, these important issues have not been handled in a fair manner. Instead, with liberal Robin Carnahan in charge, the Secretary of State’s office has been beholden to liberal special interests that have worked to use it to their political advantage. And, unfortunately, with liberal Robin Carnahan in charge, these groups have been extremely successful in advancing their special interest causes.

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Schoeller was elected in 2006 to succeed Brad Roark. In the primary, Schoeller defeated his nearest opponent, Karen Roark (mother to outgoing Representative Roark) with 47.7% of the vote as opposed to Roark’s 37.5%. Schoeller then defeated Democrat Jamie Schoolcraft and Libertarian Thomas Martz in the November general election to become state representative. Schoeller won reelection in 2008, facing no primary opposition and defeating Democrat Janet Adams with nearly 70 percent of the vote. Schoeller ran unopposed in the 2010 Republican primary and general election.

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