While our government claims that the “Fast and Furious” program was designed to track the flow of weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels, many have been claiming it was an attack on the Second Amendment. The idea is that if the administration can claim that the drug wars are fueled by U.S. Guns, citizens will allow the dismantling gun protections in our Constitution.

According to a statement by Wayne LaPierre,  “It’s the only thing that makes any sense. Over a period of two or three years they were running thousands and thousands of guns to the most evil people on earth. At the same time they were yelling ’90 per cent… of the guns the Mexican drug cartels are using come from the United States.”

He went on to state: “That was a phony figure from the very start. Even the Wikileaks cables from our own State Department prove they are coming from Central America, they are not coming from the U.S. Every police officer will tell you that they’re coming from Russia, they’re coming from China, most of them are coming from Central America and a lot of them are coming from defections from the Mexican Army.”

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