From the Missouri GOP:

October 7, 2011

‘Chameleon Claire’ McCaskill is at it again—this time trying to portray her multi-millionaire lifestyle as “middle class.”

McCaskill, who is worth at least $17 million, was ranked by Roll Call as the 18th wealthiest of the 535 members of Congress. In fact, McCaskill has previously admitted that she is a “rich lady.” According to a 2006 New Yorker magazine profile: “Oh, damn,” McCaskill said, with a laugh. “I didn’t want you to see that I was a rich lady.” She is indeed rich, and lives in an oversized modern swooped-roof house beside a creek in a St. Louis suburb.

But now, ‘Chameleon Claire,’ who makes $162,100 as a U.S. Senator, is camouflaging her wealth and pretending to be “middle class.” According to POLITICO, McCaskill claimed that she and her husband “file separately, and I would be considered middle class—upper middle class.”

This artificial wall of separation between McCaskill and her husband stands in stark contrast to her claims back in 2004, when she declared, “My husband and I are a team… We are married, and we share everything — assets, children and a house… Some have implied that the assets of my family don’t belong to me. That notion is pretty archaic.” (Post-Dispatch, July 18, 2004)

McCaskill’s wealth came into focus earlier this year when it was revealed that she failed to pay $320,000 in property taxes on her private plane. Compounding her problems and making her look even more out-of-touch, McCaskill claimed during an interview that she used the private plane “much, much more as a mom, and a grandmother, and a wife than I did as a United States Senator.”

“How many middle-class families can afford to jet around on a multi-million dollar private plane? And how many middle-class families can afford to cut a check for $320,000 to make the tax problems on that plane disappear?” asked Lloyd Smith, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party. “Claire McCaskill is a lot of things—liberal, out-of-touch, a rubberstamp for the Obama agenda—but one thing she is certainly not is middle class.”