From St. Louis Beacon:

St. Louis County’s Board of Equalization decided Tuesday to stick with its new assessment for Harrah’s casino in Maryland Heights, but to revert to the 2010 assessment for Pinnacle’s River City casino in Lemay.

The board’s decision came as it rejected county Assessor Jake Zimmerman’s higher assessments for both properties, while altering its own much lower assessment for River City.

The upshot: Harrah’s assessment is set at $215 million, down from Zimmerman’s $502 million. River City’s assessment is now set at $270 million, down from Zimmerman’s $284 million, but up from the board’s initial cut to $164 million.

The board also rejected Zimmerman’s call for shifting the whole dispute to the Missouri Tax Commission, which already is considering Pinnacle’s earlier challenge of River City’s 2010 assessment.

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