An e-mail by Maria Chappelle-Nated was just received. In it she expresses concern about a third-party candidate, Tracy McCreery, running in the 83rd House District. From reading Maria’s e-mail, she is concerned that if Pat Brennan is elected we will get balanced budgets, better schools and less corruption in the government employee sector.

I suggest that you call Tracy McCreery and endorse her candidacy. Her number is below.

Here is Maria’s email:

A real danger is lurking in what seems to be a rather innocuous special election for the seat previously held by Jake Zimmerman — State House District 83.

In August, Democratic Party committee-members in District 83 met to select a nominee. The candidate chosen by the committee to serve as the Democratic nominee is Jeff O’Connell.

Unfortunately, Tracy McCreery, who was defeated in this Democratic nomination process, has filed as an Independent in the race.

There is a very real threat that Tracy’s candidacy puts this seat in danger of being lost to the Republicans if she successfully splits the Progressive vote in the district with Jeff.

The stakes here cannot be larger and cannot be overstated. The loss of this seat to a Republican would provide the Republican Party with a veto-proof majority during the next legislative session – 109 solid votes – in the Missouri House of Representatives. In Jake’s last election, the epublican candidate (Pat Brennan) garnered 35% of the vote. If there are two Democrats in the race… well, simply do the math.

Now, let that thought sink in for a moment.

Without the ability to sustain a veto in the State House, Governor Nixon has no ability to stop the Republicans’ extreme anti-union, anti-choice, Pro-Tea Party agenda.

Sadly, we do not have to use our imaginations should the Republicans gain a veto proof majority. Examples from other states are plentiful:

In Wisconsin, Gov. Walker and his Republican majorities in the state legislature have gone about systematically dismantling organized labor as we know it.

In Ohio, Republicans passed legislation that cripples the ability of working people to organize and fight for fair wages.

Our very way of life is at stake. Everything the Progressive movement in Missouri has fought for and gained in the past is in jeopardy.

One person, Tracy McCreery, is putting her own interests ahead of those of the Missouri Democratic Party.

It is imperative that we do as much as possible to convince the failed candidate that 2011 is simply not the right time to wage this battle. Too
much is at stake
. The repercussions of a Republican win in this district are too disastrous to contemplate. Every partner in the Democratic Party stands to lose and the Republicans will have the chance to pass their extreme agenda
without the threat of a veto.

Will you please take a moment today to pick up the phone and call Jeff O’Connell’s Trojan Horse opponent at (314) 569-0943. Ask her not to run in 2011. Ask her to not risk the very future of thousands of working men and women in Missouri. Please tell her that a future in the Democratic Party does not start with endangering the Progressive movement, the rights of workers, women or seniors.

Jeff O’Connell is pro-choice, pro-labor, pro-equality rights for all people and
has a record of supporting a strong and vibrant Democratic Party.

Contributions may be
mailed to:

Friends to Elect Jeff

3339 Havenbrook Dr.

St. Louis, MO 63114