Unable to gain enough congressional seats to make a difference in Missouri’s redistricting plan, Democrats, led by term limited Joan Bray, turn to the courts to save Russ Carnahans 3rd District seat.

According to the Post-Dispatch:

Democrats have turned to the courts to block a redistricting plan that will  cost the party a Congressional seat in Missouri.

On Friday, a group of plaintiffs backed by a national Democratic legal fund  filed a lawsuit in Jefferson City to overturn the map that will pare the number  of Congressional districts in the state from nine to eight.

The lawsuit says that the Republican-controlled state Legislature “utilized  an overreaching process for wholly partisan purposes” when they redrew the  boundaries in a way that eliminates the district of St. Louis Democratic U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan.

Missouri had to shed a seat because, as Census results showed, it did not  grow as fast as other parts of the country. It fell to the Missouri General  Assembly to draw fresh districts that matched the state’s population.

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