Although the federal health care bill has been declared unconstitutional by a federal judge and voted down by the citizens of Missouri, Gov. Jay Nixon attempted to start implementation of the program by executive order. Today members of a Senate subcommittee had to rush to the capital to stop the process.

According to the Political Fix:

A Senate committee hearing on whether Missouri should implement a key  provision of federal health care law came to a halt this morning when lawmakers  announced that they believed Gov. Jay Nixon was moving ahead on the issue  without them.

Several Republican senators, who had announced during their meeting that the  governor was issuing an executive order creating a state-run health insurance  exchange, rushed out to stop it.

But no executive order was actually issued.

The document that caused the controversy was a resolution before the board of  the Missouri Health Insurance Pool. If passed, it would mean the board is  accepting a $21 million grant from the federal government to begun doing  technical work for the exchange if the state decides to create one, said John  Huff, director of the Missouri Department of Insurance

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