Clayton Township Meeting

Clayton Township will be hosting a meeting featuring Professor Robert Criss. Professor Criss will give a talk on environment issues.

Wednesday April 19th at 7pm

Mid-County Library in Clayton, MO

Claire McCaskill’s Refusal to Confirm Judge Gorsuch Confirms She’s Out of Touch with Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY — Today, Senator Claire McCaskill announced she would not support the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, a decision that defies the values her Missouri constituents.

Missourians voted President Trump into office by a stunning 18 (eighteen) points in November, yet his nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Gorsuch, now faces harsh opposition from Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill.

McCaskill was expected to give Gorsuch her support, not because she sought to reflect the desire of her constituents, but because she feared his replacement.

Just days ago, McCaskill was caught on tape saying she wasn’t comfortable with the filibuster strategy she now plans to join, worried if Judge Gorsuch wasn’t confirmed, someone more conservative would come after him.

Now, McCaskill’s made a complete about-face and will join Washington Democrats in their continued display of obstruction.

“Today, Claire McCaskill bowed to pressure from Chuck Schumer and the most liberal elements of her party demanding continued obstruction of Judge Gorsuch, who is eminently qualified to serve on the US Supreme Court,” said Austin Stukins, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party.  “Just days ago, McCaskill was caught on tape saying that she was ‘uncomfortable’ with the filibuster strategy that she now plans to join. When McCaskill loses her re-election bid next year, it will be because she continues to put the interests of the Democrats’ Washington DC party bosses ahead of Missourians.”

Only 4 Contributors to $700,000 Proposition P Campaign

(CLAYTON) — The Proposition P campaign has collected $700,000 but it only comes from four contributors. It isn’t exactly what could be called a grassroots effort. The Eight Day Before Election Report was filed today with the Missouri Ethics Commission. (Link to report below.)

The largest contributor is the Centene Corp. which gave $250,000, Rex Singuefield gave $200,000, Civic Progress — a group that Post-Dispatch columnist Joe Pollack liked to call “Civic Regress” —  gave $150,000 and the Regional Business Council gave $100,000.

Centene sought $147 million of tax abatement for its big project in Clayton last year. The company that wanted big tax breaks for itself has no problem with supporting taxes on others.

The regressive sales tax hike would hurt low-income families and seniors the most but not the chairman of Centene, Michael Neidorff. Neidorff was the highest paid CEO in St. Louis last year with $20.8 million. Not everyone thought he was worth it. He was named one of the 100 most overpaid executives in the country by a shareholder’s advocacy group.

The 1/2-cent sales tax increase would take $80 million a year from St. Louis County taxpayers, supposedly for increased police protection.However, there would be little accountability as to how the funds would be spent and no safeguards that would prevent current funding from being diverted elsewhere.

— Tom Sullivan

St. Louis County Lincoln/Reagan Day

Austin Stukins named Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party



This morning, at a meeting of the Missouri Republican Party Executive Committee, Austin Stukins was elected as the Party’s Executive Director.

Stukins served as a Marine between 2001 and 2009 before becoming involved in politics. Since then he has worked on campaigns for Newt Gingrich, Senator Bill Cassidy, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry in addition to being the Political Director of the Republican Party of Louisiana. Most recently, he worked for the Republican National Committee as State Director for Georgia and Louisiana.

Austin Stukins will report directly to Todd Graves who was elected in January and will meet with the State Committee at an informal meeting in late April.


Tesson Ferry Republican’s “Republican of the Year” Banquet


Senator McCaskill Lies in Desperate Attempt to Discredit Attorney General Sessions

JEFFERSON CITY — Today Senator Claire McCaskill used her platform on Twitter in an attempt to discredit U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.  The problem?  Her tweet was a blatant lie that was exposed by her very own earlier tweets.

McCaskill claims she has been on the Armed Services Committee for 10 years and has never had a call or meeting with the Russian ambassador.  Unfortunately, McCaskill’s earlier tweets say just the opposite: “Off to a meeting with Russian Ambassador…” and “Today calls with British, Russian, and German ambassadors re: Iran Deal.”

Just a day prior, McCaskill was a guest on “Morning Joe,” where she accused President Trump of being untruthful and took credibility away from the 57.1% of Missourians who voted for him by saying they did so out of, “political road rage.”

“Senator McCaskill has been caught in a lie,” said Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, Todd Graves. “This is just another example of why we can’t trust Senator McCaskill. She’s a liberal career politician who doesn’t represent Missouri families. Yesterday, Lyin’ Claire even hurled insults at the overwhelming number of Missourians who voted for President Trump. McCaskill and her fellow Democrats continue to show they’re completely out of touch with the people of Missouri who are looking forward to making this country great again.”